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Day 7 Studio: Fine Art Photography


artist’s statement

I find great joy in using a camera to show others the awe-inspiring beauty and intricacy of nature from a rarely seen perspective. My images are unmanipulated—the colors, textures, and shapes—all are the natural handiwork of a designer far greater than myself. First viewings are many times very moving for me, as I discover the beauty of the colors and the surprise in the detail. These images that move me are the ones I want to share, to bring a new awareness of the possibilities embedded in the natural world around us—always there if we pause to look closer.

My images are presented as they were shot, uncropped full frame with absolutely no color adjustments. Each shot is 3X to 5X magnification of various flowers and plants.


A native Northwest Georgian, I graduated from Parsons School of Design, NYC with a degree in Communication Design and currently live in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I have spent the past twenty years in the field of commercial design and advertising working with major corporations such as Shaw Industries, Web MD, Conoco and Brach Candy. While my work encompasses print and motion design, illustration and photography play a large role in all of my work.

I continue to work for a variety of clients, creating multimedia presentations, DVDs and print.

—Suzanne Hemphill